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Ukrainian President Zelensky Has Vowed To Stay In Kiev

Ukrainian President Zelensky Has Vowed To Stay In Kiev 

Despite the continued violence, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has promised to remain in Kiev.

News Agency of Nigeria

“I am staying in Kiev,” he said in a video message.

He said he would not hide and wasn’t afraid of anyone.

“Today is the 12th night of our struggle, our defence.

“We are all on site, everyone is working, everyone is where he has to.

“I’m in Kiev, my team is with me,” Zelensky added.

According to the presidential office, Zelensky has recalled Ukrainian soldiers serving on foreign missions.

“The highly professional military would be needed in the fight against Russian aggression,” the statement said.

According to Ukrainian media, the country is involved in operations in Kosovo, Congo and Ivory Coast.

Zelensky said talks with Russia would continue.

“We are realists, that’s why we’re going to talk.

“We will insist on negotiations until we find a way to say to our people, this is how we come to peace.

“Every day of fighting creates better conditions for Ukraine,” he said.

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