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Sophia Stewart: Does She Deserve Recognition as the Mastermind  Behind “The Matrix” and “Terminator”?

Sophia Stewart: Does She Deserve Recognition as the Mastermind Behind “The Matrix” and “Terminator”? 

Sophia Stewart is an African-American author, screenwriter, and self-proclaimed conceptual creator of the “Matrix” and “Terminator” franchises.
Stewart became well-known for her legal battles, arguing that she was the original author of the fundamental ideas behind these classic science fiction shows.

Sophia Stewart, born on June 27, 1948, in New York City, developed an early passion for philosophy, science fiction, and literature. She went on to further her studies, graduating with a journalism degree.

Stewart’s claim to fame was based on the assertion that she submitted a manuscript to a copyright office called “The Third Eye,” which served as the inspiration for the Terminator and Matrix television series. She claimed that portions of her work had been improperly utilised without her consent or payment. 

Sophia Stewart sued the makers of the Matrix and Terminator movie franchises in 2003, claiming that they had violated her copyright. Her legal struggles have been met with suspicion, though, as courts have rejected her claims due to a lack of proof or improper procedures.

Stewart argued that themes from her original manuscripts such as artificial intelligence, futuristic settings, and the conflict between humans and machines were later and improperly included in the films. 

Sophia Stewart has persevered in maintaining her public persona and fan base despite legal obstacles, frequently through media appearances and speeches. Some supporters take her word for it, seeing her as a victim of theft of intellectual property; others don’t trust her due to the legal outcomes.

Although Sophia Stewart has not been acknowledged as the official author of the Matrix and Terminator franchises as a result of her legal battles, her case has spurred conversations about intellectual property rights and the difficulties faced by aspiring authors and creators in the entertainment business.

Up till now, Sophia Stewart’s claims towards the Matrix and Terminator series have not been acknowledged. These franchises’ official credits give credit to other people as authors.

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