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Sharon Ooja Reveals She Fell Sick While Filming For Glamour Girls
Sharon Ooja

Sharon Ooja Reveals She Fell Sick While Filming For Glamour Girls 

Sharon Ooja, the lead actress in the Netflix series Glamour Girls, is speaking out about the production only days after it debuted.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

The actress explained how she became unwell during the months-long principal photography in an Instagram post published on Tuesday.

I played Emmanuel in glamour girls the movie and I am here to tell you our labor of love glamour girls is still showing on Netflix and trending worldwide,” the actress wrote.

I know how much effort we all put into this I mean every single person, I know how much effort I put into this… months and months of filming, falling sick in between, struggling to stay sane…I am grateful for all the love I truly am, and as a team, we are grateful for all the love and also all the criticism… Please keep watching and keep spreading the news…this is Nigeria to the world.”

The CEO of Play Network Studio, Charles Okpaleke, made a remarkably critical comment before Ooja’s Instagram post.

Taking aim at critics for the film’s unanimity of negative reviews, Okpaleke made the now-viral comment.

Netflix viewers severely criticized the remake, the Studio’s sixth project in three years, turning it into a filmmaker’s worst nightmare.

In spite of the barrage of unfavorable reviews, the film has set astounding milestones, leading the worldwide Netflix rankings in 16 nations, including Nigeria, where it holds the top place, Kenya, where it is ranked second, and South Africa, where it is ranked fourth.

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