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Meet Nigerian Professor Omowunmi Sadik, who Invented Explosive-Detection in US

Meet Nigerian Professor Omowunmi Sadik, who Invented Explosive-Detection in US 

Prof. Omowunmi Sadik

A United States-based Nigerian female professor, Omowunmi Sadik, invented microelectrode biosensors for the detection of drugs and explosives.

Sadik has also contributed to the creation of technologies for the industrial and environmental reuse of metal ions extracted from waste.

Sadik is an American chemist and inventor who was born in Lagos on June 19, 1964, and currently works at the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

The nonprofit Sustainable Nanotechnology Organisation was co-founded by Sadik.

She graduated from the University of Lagos with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry in 1985 and a master’s degree in the same field in 1987.

At that time, the scholar studied at Australia’s Wollongong University. She graduated with a Ph.D. in chemistry from Wollongong in 1994.

From 1994 until 1996, she worked as a researcher at the US Environmental Protection Agency thanks to a postdoctoral fellowship from the National Research Council.

She is presently a visiting lecturer at the Naval Research Laboratories, Cornell University, and Harvard University. She has held numerous prestigious scholar and research positions throughout the world.

In relation to her creation, Sadik focuses her surface chemistry research on the creation of biosensors for application in environmental chemistry.

She discovered that conducting polymers are particularly promising for use in sensing applications and created microelectrode biosensors, a technology that can be used to detect drugs and explosives, that are sensitive to trace amounts of organic materials.

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