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Ruger Teases New Song And Music Video

Ruger Teases New Song And Music Video 

Ruger has teased a new song and a music video for his upcoming release.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

Ruger, a Nigerian Dancehall artist, teased a new track through Instagram on Wednesday, October 19, 2022.

He teased the track and the music video, which he plans to release shortly as he prepares to release his first album.

Ruger tells his love interest in the presumably named ‘Red Flag,’ that she noticed the red flags but chose to ignore them in order to be with him, so she can’t blame ignorance now that the relationship isn’t the fairytale she imagined.

The teaser highlights Ruger’s catchy tune and braggadocio delivery style, which has won him fans.

Ruger released a deluxe edition of his ‘Second Wave’ EP, which included the breakthrough tune ‘Girlfriend,’ in 2022. Ruger will be aiming to conclude 2022 on a positive note with his next release as he prepares for the release of his debut album in 2023.

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