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Lil Kesh Releases A Teaser For A New Single

Lil Kesh Releases A Teaser For A New Single 

Lil Kesh is eager to maintain his comeback after making a long-awaited comeback as he teases the a new track.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

The teaser for the next track by street-hop sensation Lil Kesh was posted via his Twitter account.

With a play on words that makes fans think of some of the memorable phrases that made him popular with listeners, the award-winning phenomenon released a video of himself singing along to the song with the caption, “Go get your bread ready, I get JAM!”

The fast-paced street hop rhythm, which uses the Amapiano baseline, crowd voices, and catchy back ups can all be heard in the teaser.

The sound doesn’t go too far from what Lil Kesh has been doing for years, but fans who have followed his music will be able to tell right away.

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