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Lagos Tech Hubs Are Asked To Pay A Safety Tax

Lagos Tech Hubs Are Asked To Pay A Safety Tax 

All digital hubs and co-working spaces in Lagos are required to pay the state government an annual safety tax of 200,000 ($463).

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

According to reports, the tax legislation was enacted 11 years ago, but enforcement has only begun.

By its legislative responsibility, the Lagos State Commission (LSC) has said that the funds would be used to protect public safety at the many tech centers and co-working spaces around the city.

The purpose of the Lagos State Protection Commission is to “supervise concerns about the safety of people’s lives and assets.” The commission is divided into 16 divisions, one of which is in charge of the safety assessments that will soon be conducted in the city’s coworking and innovation centers.

A paperwork fee of #50,000 naira ($115.92) each year is charged for the safety check, and certificates cost an extra #150,000 ($347.76).

Commencing this month, the enforcement authorities will visit these hubs with the assistance of a private safety assessment business, Aquicorn Projects Limited, to evaluate possible dangers and suggest appropriate safety remedies.

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