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Innoson Unveils Gas-Powered Vehicles

Innoson Unveils Gas-Powered Vehicles 

The vehicles range from trucks, mini-buses, ambulances, long buses, and SUVs.

As a suitable alternative for Nigerians following the rising price of petrol, Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing has mass-produced varieties of Compressed Natural Gas buses.

The showcase of the CNG vehicles took place at the company’s factory in Nnewi, Anambra State.

The vehicles range from trucks, mini-buses, ambulances, long buses, and SUVs.

Speaking during the unveiling, the Chief Executive Officer IVM, Dr. Innocent Chukwuma, assured Nigerians of the safety of CNG Vehicles and the availability of various kinds of cars.

“We manufacture according to demand, and we manufactured these buses because there is a demand for them now. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we produced more ambulances, so we are on the ground and ready to produce. CNG vehicles solve total dependence on one or two kinds of vehicles.

“The CNG vehicles are a solution, so we produce them. We made space for CNG, LNG, and fuel so that anyone available in an area can be used to drive the vehicles. Electric cars, biogas, and solar-powered vehicles are also produced in this factory.”

Similarly, the Governor of Anambra State, represented by the Commissioner for Industry, Anambra State, Mr. Christian Udechukwu, stated that the state is gearing up to provide solutions to the challenges facing Nigerians because of the removal of subsidies.

He said, “We are aware that Innoson has renewable technologies, CNG, LNG, and Solar powered technologies that can contribute to the mass transport system in Nigeria and other national solutions”.

“The withdrawal of the subsidy has created a shock, and the fuel price has increased by almost 200% leading to restiveness in the Nigerian Labour Congress, the trade unions, and other Nigerians. The cost of transportation has risen apparently, and one of the ways the government can alleviate that is by introducing mass transit systems that run on alternative energies and fuel. The more you have the ones that run on gas and solar, the greater the chances of a stable fuel price due to the existence of choices, and Innoson offers that.”

The Head of Corporate Communications, IVM, Mr. Cornel Osigwe, pointed out the advantages of natural gas vehicles and the need to patronize local manufacturers. According to him, “Gas has high combustion rate than fuel. So generally, gas is more environmentally friendly. Nigerians are used to petrol cars, but abundant natural gas has provided sustainable alternatives to all.

“Transportation is very crucial to economic development. Beyond the movement of people from one place to another, it also facilitates the quick and effective distribution of goods and services.

“At this stage in Nigeria’s development, better transportation options are the perfect solution to the rising dependence on petrol and diesel to meet the transportation needs of over 200 million persons.

“Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing, an indigenous car manufacturing company, has produced hundreds of CNG-powered vehicles suitable for Nigerian and African Roads.”

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