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Ida Banton Drops Music Video For Single ‘Call Jehova’
1da Banton

Ida Banton Drops Music Video For Single ‘Call Jehova’ 

The official music video for 1da Banton’s popular song “Call Jehova” has been released by the Nigerian superstar. The cinematic music video is directed by renowned video director Adasa Cookey.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

In “Call Jehova,” 1da Banton exhorts viewers to turn to the Lord for support and direction, especially during difficult times. The song serves as a stirring ode to the resilient spirit of the Nigerian people and a timely reminder that anything is possible for those who have faith.

More than merely a song, “Call Jehova” conveys a message of inspiration and hope to all Nigerians. 1da Banton wants to inspire and motivate viewers with its inspirational lyrics and aesthetically gorgeous video, giving them the strength to face their challenges and pursue their aspirations.


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