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<strong>Grammy-winning Producer Kel-P Releases New Single “What Have You Done?”</strong>

Grammy-winning Producer Kel-P Releases New Single “What Have You Done?” 

KEL-P (aka Kel P Vibes), a Grammy-winning Nigerian producer/vocalist, returns with a new single titled ‘What Have You Done?’

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

Kel-P swiftly established himself as a singing force to be reckoned with in the Afrobeat music industry after his past exploits as an A-list producer, including a Grammy victory and a pair of Grammy nominations.

His debut EP, ‘Bully Season Vol.1,’ which included the tune ‘One More Night,’ has approximately 4 million streams, demonstrating his popularity among music fans. Kel-P solidifies his status as the Afrobeat discovery of 2023 with his fresh new hit, “What Have You Done?”

‘What Have You Done?’ is an Afro-club track co-produced by The Elements and mixed by Leandro “DRO” Hidalgo. The song is backed by a powerful music video depicting an underground party in Lisbon. Kel-P’s goal with this video is to get us to dance and have a good time.

The song is backed by a music video distributed by Jones Worldwide and Virgin Music France/Universal Music France, and its bright, cheery tone is guaranteed to captivate audiences. The music video flawlessly captures the spirit of the song and coincides with the project’s overall goal.

Kel-P aims to generate music that makes people want to dance and have a good time. He is a multi-platinum recording artist and producer now surprising us with his singing abilities. With ‘What Have You Done?’, he demonstrates his range and establishes himself as a full artist.

‘What Have You Done?’ is a terrific party song because of its energetic speed, engaging rhythm, and soulful vocals.

The tune is likely to have listeners up and dancing. Kel-P has perfected the art of making music that makes people want to dance, and ‘What Have You Done?’ is no exception.


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