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Ethiopia Becomes African Risk Capacity 38th Member State

Ethiopia Becomes African Risk Capacity 38th Member State 

Ethiopia has made great progress in improving its national catastrophe risk reduction. Ethiopia’s capital city of Addis Ababa saw a historic event when the African Risk Capacity (ARC) Establishment Agreement was formally signed.

At this event, Mohamed Salem Boukhari, the Acting Legal Counsel of the African Union Commission, and H.E. Ambassador Mesganu Arega, the State Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia, signed the agreement.

Ethiopia is delighted to become the 38th member state of the African Renaissance Community (ARC) with this historic signature, demonstrating the country’s dedication to proactive catastrophe risk reduction and resilience building.

The ARC Agency was founded to assist African governments in strengthening their ability to more effectively anticipate, prepare for, and handle natural disasters brought on by extreme meteorological conditions as well as outbreaks and epidemics. ARC Ltd., on the other hand, provides complimentary risk transfer and pooling services.

Combined, the two offer Member States access to cutting-edge early warning systems, capacity-building and contingency planning services, and risk-pooling and transfer facilities to help them become more resilient to natural catastrophes like tropical cyclones and droughts.

To make sure that no one is left behind, the group works to implement the principles of gender equality and attain inclusivity in the programme during this process.

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