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Nigerians are Becoming Less Interested in Studying in the UK

Nigerians are Becoming Less Interested in Studying in the UK 

According to official statistics, Nigerian students have begun to turn their attention away from the United Kingdom regarding international studies.

The data, which was released last week, reveals that there has been a whopping 46 percent decline in applicants from Nigeria, surpassing declines from any other country in the same period.

Why the change? Well, it seems it’s got something to do with the value of Nigeria’s money going down and rules making it hard for students to bring their families along.
This trend isn’t unique to Nigerian students alone.

The Economic Times of India highlighted a similar pattern among Indian students, whose interest in pursuing undergraduate studies in the UK has waned. Indian student applications dropped by 4 percent compared to the previous year, totaling 8,770 applications.

However, Nigeria saw a much sharper decline of 46 percent, with only 1,590 applications.
Data from the UK Universities and College Admissions Service (UCAS) for the 2024–25 academic year also revealed a 1% decline in UK applicants compared to the previous year, although the overall number of applicants remains higher than pre-pandemic levels.

“While today’s data shows a decline in applications from mature students, which will be more keenly felt in some subjects such as nursing, we know that these applicants are more likely to apply later in the cycle,” said Dr. Jo Saxton, Chief Executive at UCAS. She emphasised that there are still ample opportunities for students who missed deadlines or remain undecided, with the option to apply until June 30 and afterward through Clearing.

In December 2023, the Rishi Sunak-led government initiated a review of the Graduate Route visa, offering graduates the chance to stay and gain work experience in the UK for at least two years post-graduation.

However, experts warn that potential changes to the UK’s visa policies could further diminish the appeal of UK universities to overseas students.

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