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DPR assures Nigerians of no Fuel scarcity during Sallah holidays

DPR assures Nigerians of no Fuel scarcity during Sallah holidays 

The Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) has assured Nigerians that there will be no petrol scarcity during the Sallah holidays.

In a statement released on Friday in Lagos, DPR’s chief of public relations, Paul Osu, stated the guarantee.

To mark the occasion, the federal government declared July 20 and 21 as public holidays.

Mr. Osu went on to say that there was adequate product throughout the country and warned marketers against hoarding or creating fake scarcity in any way.

He stated that the DPR will increase its monitoring and supervision of petroleum products outlets to guarantee compliance with regulatory mandates regarding quality, quantity, integrity, and safety of operations.

Mr. Osu advised consumers to report any infractions, such as product under-dispensing, to any DPR office across the country.

He also reaffirmed the DPR’s commitment to safety, urging consumers to follow all safety precautions while using petroleum products.

Mr. Osu also stated that the regulatory body will continue to take steps to facilitate business and provide opportunities for investors and stakeholders in Nigeria’s oil and gas industry.

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