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#BlueTunes: Asake, Ckay, Waje Top Album Picks For September

#BlueTunes: Asake, Ckay, Waje Top Album Picks For September 

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

Nigerian musicians released many hit songs and albums in September. From the album “Mr. Money to the Vibe” by Asake to the music “Rush” by Ayra Starr.

Mr. Money With The Vibe – Asake

Asake carried us to where we didn’t think we needed to know with the release of his debut album, “Mr. Money With The Vibe Album,” which has done well on the charts. Asake’s dancehall music combines Fuji and Afro-classical themes.

Asake shows us that he isn’t just a musician and a songwriter; some tracks on the Album show his futuristic writing skills. 

With the release of his debut album, Asake cemented his position in the music industry and proved that he would enjoy a lengthy career with a loyal fan base. It explains why he has remained a dependable artist after scoring a hit song and signing with YBNL Records. 

 “Terminator” talks about how he wants to be a lover to his lady. “Terminator” is the first song that deviates slightly from Asake’s usual rhythms and sound when compared to “Sungba” and “Peace be unto you (PBUY).”

“Organise” seems to be one of the fans’ favorites considering how well it has done on the charts. The song talks about how he puts his life in order and faces challenges. It also talks about how people think they are wise and others are dumb. The lyrics “Some of us are wise, every other person over wise” clearly articulates this.

Asake samples a viral video of a policewoman yelling, “Help me, help me, dem dey carry me to go where I no know!” in “Peace Be Unto You (PBUY)” The lyrics were delivered to his signature sound that still got people vibing to it. The sound has a positive energy that gets you dancing in an instant. It can be considered one of the best tracks on the Album. 

“Dupe” is a song about his journey in life. His struggles and successes. It also talks about being grateful for life regardless of your circumstances. The catchy beats and gospel lyrics overwhelm me with a gleeful feeling.

Asake conveys his desire to enjoy life’s pleasures while ignoring the tension in “John,” a dizzying mashup of Fuji, Afrobeats, and Amapiano.

In “Nzaza,” Asake discusses overcoming obstacles while chasing his dreams. He talks about his experiences living on Lagos’s streets, Moving from Ojuelegba to Ikate.

“Reason” features American Rapper Russ. Asake ponders how he has labored diligently, and God has abundantly rewarded him to the point where he has forgotten his past struggles. Asake helpfully explains the necessity of exercising caution while making crucial life decisions.

The last song on the Album is “Sungba Remix,” featuring Burna Boy. The song ending the Album with its energetic vibe is the best way to enable people to press replay on the Album repeatedly.

Asake did justice to his debut album, which has had many of its tracks debut on the charts. He has shown us his range in all levels of catchy lyrics and melodic tunes. Asake has given us ‘The Vibe.’’

Personal Favourites – Terminator (Organise), Peace Be Unto You’ PBUY’ (Dupe), Joha (Nzaza), Ototo (Reason ft Russ) Sunmomi


Sad Romance – Ckay

CKay has left his mark on history with the song Love Nwantiti, perhaps one of the greatest African songs ever.

Although CKay describes his style of music as Emo-Afrobeats. However, it has a smash-up of alte, indie, and amapiano influences that can be heard in his music.

CKay’s romantic adventures are articulated musically in “Sad Romance.” The Album sheds light on Love, Romance, Sensual desires, and heartbreaks.

“You” and “Mmadu” are songs expressing admiration for a lover. CKay assures his love interest that they will have extraordinary sexual adventures till they are both satisfied. With a flurry of piano notes and a slow Amapiano beat, Ckay brings his desires to life. His slurred, sensuous voice makes the vulgar words sound seductive.

Two lovers express their love for one another in the slow-tempo love ballad “Come Close” feat. Ayra Starr. This song created a romantic atmosphere on many levels, with the trumpet playing a magical supporting role. The mix of Ckay and Ayra Starr’s seductive vocals gives the song a nostalgic vibe.

In WATAWI, CKay avoids talking about love and sings about situationships. Davido added his upbeat attitude to the music, and Focalistic performed his lines over amapiano rhythms, which changed the mood of the music.

“Soja” is a song that details the lovers’ emotional experience, how she expresses her desires, and how he grants her wish. She receives praise from him for taking everything in like a Soja. Everything between them is put in motion by his voice and the slow rhythm.

In the song “By Now,” Ckay confronts his lover and tells her they should have made love instead of flirting and teasing each other. He goes on to describe his sexual intentions for her. His words, “We suppose don fuck by now, How you go dey tease me.” shows his frustration.

Ckay addresses his imperfections and how he hurt his lover in the song “Lose You” feat. Ronisia. He expressed how everyone makes mistakes and how it would hurt if she left. Ronisia proceeded to sing in French as she described how he had messed with her emotions and how she wanted him to feel the same pain. The lyrics’ flawless pidgin and French fusion effectively convey the message of pain.

This is a solid album from Ckay. It shows his unique songwriting skills, storytelling, and portrayal of love in different ways. He has taken us through other emotions that would leave us questioning relationships and situationships.

Personal Favourites – You (Mmadu), Come to Close ft Ayra Starr (WATAWI ft Davido, Focalistic, & Abidoza), Soja (By Now), Lose Me ft Ronisia


Unbroken – Waje

Waje’s gospel debut album, Unbroken, has nine tracks. The Album’s tracks explore God’s unconditional love for everyone, regardless of who they are. All of the Album’s songs feature Waje’s powerful and passionate vocals.

Waje talks of God’s unfailing love for her in the song “Who am I.” She talks about how God stood beside her through her darkest hour. She added a resonant slur to each song’s lines as she improvised them to express her gratitude.

In “Beautiful Saviour,” Waje explains the divine beauty and glory and his redemptive love and kindness toward her.

The sound of “Abasi” is a delicate blend of the shekere, piano chords, and the singer’s booming voice. She appreciates God in the lyrics for his goodness and mercy.

The perfect worship song is “Hallelujah.” In this song, Waje freely expresses her gratitude to God for forgiving her faults and the joy of knowing that He loves her.

Waje promises in “Stay” that she will remain with God because of the love he has shown her. You are moved to appreciate God’s unfailing love by the song’s music and lyrics.

Waje says in the song “Mercy Me” that Jesus gave his life on the cross because he loved her. God loves her unconditionally because of his kindness. Waje briefly spoke in tongues at the beginning of this song.

The song “Imagine” features a little rap music segment. Waje explains the problems that come with a life without God’s mercy. She says she cannot picture her existence without God’s love and kindness. 

In the song “Na Me Be This,” Waje says she is an example of what God’s love can do in a person’s life. She also emphasizes that God will continue to do his magnificent wonders despite the gravity of a man’s predicament.

Repentance, sin forgiveness, acknowledging God’s mercy and love, and the extended arms of grace are the narratives throughout the Album. The Album establishes a setting where those at their lowest can surrender and give their life to God.

Fireboy, M.I. Abaga, and Native World’s projects were featured by #BlueTunes last month. Check it out here:

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