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We Must Intensify Campaign To Stop TB —- Aisha Buhari

We Must Intensify Campaign To Stop TB —- Aisha Buhari 

Mrs. Aisha Buhari, the first lady, has encouraged all parties to step up their efforts to stop TB from spreading throughout the nation.

News Agency of Nigeria

Buhari made this statement on Tuesday while hosting a team from the Global Stop TB Partnership, led by Dr. Lucica Ditiu, in the State House in Abuja.

The first lady stated that TB is treatable and asked the stakeholders to raise public awareness to guarantee frequent diagnosis. She was represented by Senior Special Assistant to the President on Women Affairs Dr. Rukayya Gurin.

In order to avoid TB from spreading throughout the nation, the first lady stressed the need of using the media in raising awareness. She asked them to continue the effort.

The Aisha Buhari foundation has made significant progress against the disease, she told the guests, particularly by offering free TB patient testing and medical care.

It was earlier stated that the group had come to the state house to ask for her help in collaborating with the first ladies of Africa to forward the goal to eradicate TB.

 ”Nigeria has shown the capacity to deal with the situation; however, a lot needs to be done in the areas of diagnosis and treatment.” according to Ditiu.

In order to help the effort to stop the spread of TB, she advised the first lady to press for increased involvement with the corporate sector.

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