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What Would You Do If Your Spouse Cheated On You Barely A Year After Your Wedding? – Real Life Yarns
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What Would You Do If Your Spouse Cheated On You Barely A Year After Your Wedding? – Real Life Yarns 

Since the story of yet another cheating scandal surfaced online, the internet has been buzzing, humming, and hissing, with everyone giving their hot, cold, and lukewarm takes on the issue. Trust us to always hand out the microphone so that people at the back can hear clearly. So, on today’s episode of Real Life Yarns, some Nigerians “clearly” give their opinions on what they would do if they found out that their partners cheated on them barely a year after their wedding. Careful now! You might experience shock, anger, and disbelief moving forward. So watch your step as we present you with some of the most interesting responses. You may now proceed.


Questions like this are the reason why I’ve already decided to go into an open marriage. My husband can get involved with anyone as long as he doesn’t contract any STDs or bring home any child he wants me to be a stepmother to. I feel that one of the reasons men cheat is the restrictions that they are always given. It makes them curious and sneaky. But if we both know that we are seeing other people and even invite the side-partners over sometimes, then I think that we won’t have that problem of infidelity. In fact, it will even spice up the marriage.


We all know that when it comes to cheating, the men will always be the ones that will end up more hurt. Na dem dey first do, but na dem e go pain pass. I mean, for women, there is already a narrative that men are polygamous in nature, so the shock may not be so fatal. But for a man’s wife to cheat on him barely a year after they get married! As in, to find out that your beautiful wife is collecting knackings from another man! I might as well just die from a heart attack or a broken heart.


Honestly, I’ve been asking myself this question ever since this Davido saga came up. But there is a saying that you never know how strong you are until you are faced with a situation that will require your strength. I’m not saying that I will try my strength in being an understanding wife if I am faced with that situation. The opposite is the case actually, because I think that there is a dormant psychopath inside me that is waiting for the right moment to surface. Cheating on me barely a year after our wedding! For a marriage that is still fresh? No naa, there are many solutions to that. There’s poison, stabbing, and even third-leg amputation. Haha! I told you I have a dormant psycho in me.


This is actually a funny question because my wife had an affair that resulted in a pregnancy 7 months after our wedding. That was one of the lowest moments in my life! I became depressed wondering what I did wrong and where I failed as a husband. This was someone I did everything within my power for. I cooked for her, cleaned for her, and gave her everything she wanted. You could imagine my shock when I found out that the guy she had the affair with was my friend! We separated for a while. She was sorry and said she still loved me, so she kept coming back to beg me. I eventually forgave her because I loved her so much. When the child was born, we gave him my name and made a deal with the child’s father to stay away because he didn’t even want the child. I know it sounds weird and messed up, but it’s been 5 years and we’re still going strong. None of us has cheated since then.


I know that in this day and age when everyone is forming woke, people do not really see prayer as an effective solution. But I still believe in the power of prayer. Cheating may look like something that is normal, but the fact that the devil is using it to destroy families should not be taken for granted. The fact that powerful men of God like Tye Tribbett and Sammie Okposo fell victim is already proof that there is something beyond normal in the issue of cheating. The kind of charms that women are using to get men these days is not a joke at all. Before getting married sef, I will use prayer and baptise my husband against cheating. If it eventually still happens, I will fight with my knees and, although I don’t really believe in marriage counsellors, we will seek counselling.

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