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UK Bans Dependents from Traveling Along with Foreign Healthcare Workers

UK Bans Dependents from Traveling Along with Foreign Healthcare Workers 

In an effort to reduce unsustainable levels of legal migration, the UK government has announced new regulations aimed at drastically reducing net migration and combating visa abuse.

The new regulations forbid health workers from bringing dependents. This decision was prompted by the fact that a disproportionate 120,000 dependents accompanied 100,000 workers on the route last year.

James Cleverly, MP, the home secretary, acknowledged the vital role caregivers play in the nation. But the government defends its actions by pointing to blatant mistreatment, tampering with our immigration laws, and unmanageable migration levels.

“It is neither right nor fair to allow this unacceptable situation to continue. We promised the British people action, and we will not rest until we have delivered on our commitment to bring numbers down substantially,”

“Our plan is robust but fair—protecting British workers while ensuring the very best international talent can work and study here, to add value to our society and grow the economy.” he said.

In an effort to prevent worker exploitation and abuse within the sector, care providers in England operating as sponsors for migrants will now be required to register with the Care Quality Commission (CQC), the industry regulator for health and social care.

The action is a component of a larger set of reforms that will be swiftly put into effect, keeping out of the country 300,000 eligible people who would have been able to enter the UK the previous year.

Between June 2022 and June 2023, a total of 141,000 Nigerians migrated to the United Kingdom (UK).

The statement claims that these adjustments take effect concurrently with the government’s plans to introduce legislation in Parliament later this week (on March 14) to stop the undercutting of British workers.

These measures include increasing the salary requirement for skilled workers in order to obtain a visa and doing away with the 20% “going-rate” discount for migrant workers employed in shortage occupations.

The minimum wage needed for individuals entering the country on a skilled worker visa will rise by 48%, from £26,200 to £38,700, as of April 4.

Starting on April 11, the minimum income requirement for family visas will increase to £29,000. This will rise to £38,700 by early 2025, helping to guarantee the financial support of dependents brought to the UK.

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