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Joe Jonas Sued by Sophie Turner for Illegally Holding their Children in the US 

The passports of their children have been held captive, according to a lawsuit filed by Sophie Turner against her separated husband, Joe Jonas.

In the application submitted on September 20, 2023, the Game of Thrones actress demanded “the immediate return of children wrongfully removed or wrongfully retained,” according to People Magazine.

Sophie submitted these filings in a federal court, citing the international treaty known as the Hague Convention, which addresses transnational kidnapping of children.

The actress explained that she and Jonas had decided to sell their Miami property in order to raise their two kids, Willa and J.D. in England as their “forever home” starting in December 2022.

She emphasised in the petition that Jonas had temporary custody of their daughters prior to the filing of the divorce papers because he had more daylight hours with them than she did due to her demanding shooting schedule in the UK.

The actress also revealed how she learned days after Jonas filed for divorce from her on social media. According to Turner’s documentation, when she went to see her ex-husband later to ask about sending the kids back to England, he “refused to return the passports to the mother and refused to send the children home to England with the mother.”

Jonas filed for divorce on September 1, 2023, shocking their followers in particular because Turner had previously shared a cuddly photo of the couple. Now, she claims that following their argument on August 15, their marriage abruptly broke down.

The couple was married twice: once in a smaller, more private ceremony in Las Vegas and once in a larger ceremony in Paris. They originally met in 2016 and became engaged a year later.

The ‘picture-perfect’ marriage now appears to be falling apart quickly.

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