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Israel DMW Denies Making Homophobic Rants About Influencer Enioluwa
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Israel DMW Denies Making Homophobic Rants About Influencer Enioluwa 

Israel DMW allegedly attacked Enioluwa in a homophobic rant on his WhatsApp stories, according to sources.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

A teammate of Nigerian artist Davido named Israel DMW has denied making homophobic remarks against prominent influencer Enioluwa Adeoluwa.

He allegedly launched into a homophobic rant against Enioluwa on his WhatsApp status, calling him gay and claiming that 30BG (Davido’s organization) does not condone homosexuality.

The influencer and content producer is into the garbage, and his admirers would argue that it counts as content, he is allegedly claimed to have remarked.

“We are not in support of gay, God forbid bad thing. They are into rubbish, and their useless supporters would say it’s content,” the WhatsApp status read.

To clarify the rumors, Israel wrote a message on his Instagram stories. He clarified that the message was really authored by somebody posing as him and that he had not actually written it.

He wrote, “The write-up was never from me. It is purely a manufactured fake account from impersonators. Thanks, everyone. Never from me at all. I have no such account. Thanks, everyone.”

This follows the 30BG boss’s reaction to Enioluwa’s article, in which he told him he should have joined him on his private plane to a Botswana event.

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