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Do2dtun Comments On Fancy And Alex Ekubo’s Relationship Drama
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Do2dtun Comments On Fancy And Alex Ekubo’s Relationship Drama 

The OAP expressed his thoughts on Twitter, wondering when it became a crime or a source of shame to stay celibate, considering that it was a moral and religious ideal.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

Do2dtun, an on-air personality, gave his opinion on the hot matter concerning Fancy and her ex-boyfriend Alexx Ekubo as well as the purported 5-year celibacy.

The actor Alexx Ekubo refused to have intercourse with her for the whole five years of their relationship, claiming religious convictions as the rationale, according to information revealed by the actor’s ex-fiancée in a recent interview.

She had said that she was really confused by his decision to not touch her and that it had harmed her self-esteem.

The OAP expressed his opinions on Twitter and questioned when being celibate, which was once a moral and religious requirement, turned into a criminal or a source of shame.

“He wrote: The last I checked, sex before marriage was discouraged to make relationships sacred, resolute & Godly. When did it become wrong not to have it before marriage? Haven’t you all seen now that everything we considered bad is now good and what was seen as good is now bad?”

“What I am simply saying is, they said “don’t have sex before marriage because it’s a sin” The same way they said being a virgin before marriage is a good thing. Counselors, The Bible, our parents told us. So why are these things now seen as bad when you don’t do them?”

In response to Fancy Acholonu’s announcement about her five-year relationship with Alexx Ekubo, the contentious actress Nkechi Blessing stated that she cannot be in a relationship with a man who insists on remaining celibate.

Nkechi said she would never be in a relationship where she didn’t have intimacy with her spouse in response to the exposé.

Nkechi used the analogy of purchasing a car without first trying it or a suya without first tasting it to support her point.

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