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Cubana Chiefpriest praises God after landing safely from experiencing plane turbulence. 

Cubana Chiefpriest’s reaction to a plane’s turbulence stirred funny reactions.

Cubana Chiefpriest, a popular Nigerian socialite, surprised people with a video of his reaction to plane turbulence. Chiefpriest was seen in the viral footage grasping his airline seat in dread and afterwards thanking God after they safely landed.
The video elicited several amusing responses online, with viewers laughing at him and sharing their own experiences.

When the plane began to experience turbulence, Poco Lee recorded Chiefpriest’s reaction on camera.

As the plane continued to wobble in the air during the turbulence, the self-styled celebrity was spotted clinging to his chair in fear. Poco Lee, on the other hand, was pleased by the socialite’s distress, and he was heard giggling in the background about how ‘turbulence dey worry rich man’.

Poco Lee also recorded another video of the Chief priest performing Igbo songs of praise to God after the aircraft touched down.
After the terrifying turbulence, the socialite was no doubt thankful to God that they were finally on shore.

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