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Bad Boy Timz Opens Up About Being Shot In The Eye As A Child
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Bad Boy Timz Opens Up About Being Shot In The Eye As A Child 

When questioned about the present state of his wounded eye, the singer said, “The eye is fine; I’m supposed to do another operation soon.”

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

Bad Boy Timz, the Nigerian musician and songwriter whose actual name is Olorunyomi Oloruntimilehin, revealed a harrowing experience from his childhood that almost cost him his sight when he was only nine years old.

Bad Boy Timz recently told Adesope Olajide, a Nigerian media personality residing in the UK, about getting shot in the eye by assassins targeting his family in Lagos’ Mushin neighborhood some years ago.

Recalling the event, he said the assassins had targeted his family’s automobile and fired fire. Unfortunately, the original aim was his father’s head, but the bullet struck his eye instead.

“They were assassins, they didn’t even stop the car, they just shot the bunnet and started spraying. It wasn’t a robbery and they were looking for an Igbo family. When they heard my mum say e je kin ko awon omo mi, they were surprised.

“It was me, my mum, my dad and my immediate older brother, it was just four of us in the car in Lagos, Mushin to be precise. They just overtook us and started shooting, they didn’t even tell us to stop and I got shot in the eye because they were targeting my dad’s head and it went straight into my eye,” he said.

He said that although his eye is now OK, he is preparing for another medical treatment in the near future.

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