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Toyin Abraham Faces Backlash From Fans For Attending Tinubu’s Inauguration Dinner

Toyin Abraham Faces Backlash From Fans For Attending Tinubu’s Inauguration Dinner 

The actress has opted to ignore the criticism.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

Toyin Abraham accepted Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s invitation to his inauguration dinner in Abuja on Sunday night, May 28, 2023.

The prominent Nollywood actress has been fired on social media for publicly endorsing President-elect Trump.

She seemed unaffected, however, as she attended Tinubu’s inaugural luncheon and even posted images from the occasion.

Despite the response, several of Toyin’s supporters commended her for sticking by her choice of a presidential candidate, claiming that Toyin Abraham earned the honor and respect showered upon her.

The fan commented, “Let all haters be quiet, you deserve the honour and respect today because you have been bullied and threatened. It’s now your time to enjoy the fruits of your labour.”

Remember that the actress spoke out about being bullied and insulted while campaigning for Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

She expressed amazement at the intensity of the trolling she was subjected to. According to her, people went so far as to protest against her business partners and ask Netflix to delete her movies.

Toyin revealed, “I have never seen this level of intimidation, bullying, abuse, and curses in Nigeria in my entire life.”

Surprisingly, Toyin’s husband, Kolawole Ajeyemi, has distanced himself from her political views.

On his Instagram feed, he said unequivocally that he did not endorse any candidate and that his wife’s support for a certain party did not represent his own. He also chastised individuals who cursed their children, emphasizing that he did not advocate for any candidate.

In his words: “Good day, everybody, it’s not like I asked anyone of you to vote for any candidate or campaigned for any party, and the fact that my wife is supporting a specific party doesn’t mean that I’m supporting her. So, those of you laying curses on my children, I rebuke it all, and I wish you all the same. And I repeat, I did not campaign for any candidate,“

Despite facing hostility and insults, especially from her husband, who supports the opposition party and disagrees with her political decisions, the actress supports President-Elect Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

His inauguration is today, and her decision to withdraw her support has not been affected by the poor response or conflicting perspectives inside her home.

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