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Tinubu Says Atiku Lied About His Source Of Wealth
2023 Election

Tinubu Says Atiku Lied About His Source Of Wealth 

Tinubu himself has been accused of having inconsistent sources of income.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, has attacked Atiku Abubakar, the nominee of the Peoples Democratic Party, calling him a “fraud.”

Speaking to North-West Muslim elders in Kano on January 3, 2023, Tinubu shot rhetorical darts at Atiku.

He said that Mr. Abubakar’s account of how he got to be affluent was at odds with the regulations that were followed by the Civil Service, where Mr. Abubakar worked before retiring.

“They asked one of them. How did you get rich? He said he was doing transportation and motor vehicle business. He had forgotten that civil service (sic), you cannot do any other thing if you are a custom officer but farm. Who is lying to who? Who is contradicting who?” Mr. Tinubu queried mockingly to the delight of his supporters who cheered him on at the event.

According to official records, Atiku, the PDP’s front-runner for president, worked for the Nigeria Customs Service for 20 years before retiring as a deputy director in 1989 to enter politics.

Atiku stated in an interview from last year that he obtained his riches through the transportation industry.

The source of Tinubu’s riches has also been said to be inconsistent.

However, Tinubu, who has a reputation for shunning interviews, said in an interview with BBC Focus on Africa that he invested his money and saw decent returns.

Credential and financial problems continue to hover over the APC candidate’s head, but they are not yet enough to put a stop to his campaign ahead of the general elections in 2023.

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