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Three Nigerian Students in the UK Face Deportation for Failing to Pay Their School Fees on Time

Three Nigerian Students in the UK Face Deportation for Failing to Pay Their School Fees on Time 

Three Nigerian students studying in the United Kingdom have been told to return home because they paid their fees late.
Omolade Olaitan, Emmanuel Okohoboh, and Paulette Ojogun are students at Swansea University in the United Kingdom.
The students just paid their fees a few hours late, but Swansea University claims they will not be permitted.

They informed the school that their school payments were late due to the economic constraints that affected Nigeria earlier in 2023.
Swansea University in the United Kingdom, on the other hand, has turned deaf ears and refused to waive the N3.8 million (4000 pounds) school tuition while telling students to pack their belongings and leave.

The deadline for the payment of fees was March 27, 2023. Omolade Olaitan, one of the students, paid her fees on March 29.

She said: “On the 29th (March), I got an email from income tuition. They confirmed my payment, and they told me that because the payment didn’t come in before the deadline, they could no longer allow me to enrol and that I should pack my bags and go back to my home country.”

Another student, Emmanuel Okohoboh, who got admission to start a master’s degree in Business Management, is also facing deportation. Emmanuel said two parcels of land were sold to raise his fees.

His words: “They are not fair, they are not compassionate, they are showing no signs of empathy. I had to sell my dad’s land and a piece of my own personal land to get the resources to come to Swansea University to study. Coming here and going through this situation has been mentally draining and frustrating for me.”

Paulette Ojogun, another student enrolled for a marketing management degree, also paid her fees after the deadline. She cried profusely in a video seen on the website of ITV.

Paulette lamented: “I am happy that I am here, I am happy that I am studying, so why would you take that away from me because my school fees came in late? I’ve explained everything to them, I sent emails, and they still would not give me a listening ear.”

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