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Bad Boy Timz Aims to Take Afrobeats to China

Bad Boy Timz Aims to Take Afrobeats to China 

Nigerian music sensation Bad Boy Timz speaks about his new album ‘No Bad Boy No Party’ with Apple Music Africa Now Radio.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

Bad Boy Timz has steadily risen from Rookie of the Year at the Headies to a fast-rising hitmaker since breaking into the mainstream.

The Afrobeats superstar released his first album, ‘No Bad Boy No Party’ on June 1, 2023, and in an interview with Nandi Madiba on Apple Music Africa Now Radio, he discusses the record and his objectives.

“Every African parent wants to make sure their kids finish Uni, and I actually loved computers as well growing up so I thought ok, it’s not a bad idea to have a degree as well as the “talent.” I feel like it’s just God’s plan because I almost dropped out. In 2020 I was in my third year or fourth year of Uni already when I had my major breakout song, so it was really hard juggling schooling, recording, performing… it was a miracle, I won’t lie.”

When he first appeared on the scene, Bad Boy Timz was still a student and had to balance finding stardom with being a student. He tells Nandi that he must concentrate on academics and keep his head down.

Despite the difficulties, Bad Boy Timz has succeeded in Nigeria and elsewhere.

“I love East Africa a lot – earlier in my career I had a feature with an East African artist that people really loved out there – I’d really love to penetrate more in East Africa. I love the UK, and the UK has been very receptive to my music, ever since I started making music. The US, as well.”

Nigerian celebrities are reaching listeners worldwide as Afrobeats grows in popularity, and Bad Boy Timz intends to add his voice to the Afrobeats to the World movement.

“I have a couple of fans also in Canada, so there’s just different bases to touch. I won’t lie, I’ve not seen any Afrobeats songs cross over to China. Maybe one of the songs on this project will do that magic, you never know.”

The long-awaited album ‘No Bad Boy No Party’ is now available on Apple Music for fans to enjoy.

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