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How Shamim Kaliisa is Transforming Cancer Screening for African Women with AI-powered Technology

How Shamim Kaliisa is Transforming Cancer Screening for African Women with AI-powered Technology 

Shamim, a social entrepreneur and innovator from Uganda, is the brains behind a well-known cancer screening app that helps tens of thousands of African women find solutions for the disease.

Shamim is also serving as Africa’s representative on the Commonwealth Youth Council Executive Committee, where she is helping bridge the gap between young African entrepreneurs and investors willing to invest in Africa.

The Chil artificial Intelligence Lab which was founded by her was¹ built on passion and personal experience. The drive for the success of this company was based on Shamim’s mother’s dying wish. Her mother’s last words were ’My daughter, study hard and become a doctor and look for a way to extend services to women like your mother who lacked key screening services in our villages’. Kaliisa vowed to fulfill her mother’s wish and hence the foundation of this great company incorporating artificial intelligence-guided e-oncology services to detect cervical and breast cancer.

She was diagnosed with breast cancer during her second year of study for a bachelor’s degree in medicine and surgery after experiencing an unusual pain in one of her breasts. Fortunately, it was still early on, and she received treatment. These experiences also led to the rise of this company in 2017.

Her business now offers drone services to make it simpler to carry cervical cancer samples from rural locations to laboratories without requiring people to drive far from their homes. 

Locals refer to Kaliisa as “mama cancer”; she is a winner of the Takeda Young Entrepreneur Award 2018, Young African Entrepreneur Award 2018, Social Impact Finalist AWIEF Awards 2018, received an Honourable Mention at the Maathai Impact Award 2019, and was selected by Google as one of the top 10 artificial intelligence start-ups in Africa. Additionally, she has received support from the Tony Elumelu Foundation

In this area of cancer screening, Kaliisa keeps progressing and pushing for the greater good of African women. 

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