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‘Murphy Afolabi Hinted At His Passing 30 Minutes Before’- Adekola Tijani
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‘Murphy Afolabi Hinted At His Passing 30 Minutes Before’- Adekola Tijani 

The actor was laid to rest in Lagos, where he had resided with his family before his death.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

Adekola Tijani, a Nollywood actor, has revealed his final conversation with his colleague and friend, Murphy Afolabi, before his terrible death.

Adekola Tijani talked to Goldmynetv at Murphy’s memorial ceremony in Ikorodu yesterday, reminiscing about Murphy’s simple existence and the respect he received from many.

Adekola Tijani said he spoke with Murphy just thirty minutes before his untimely death. Some of the comments they spoke throughout their conversation suggested that Murphy was worried about his fate.

When Tijani observed that Murphy had submitted his weekly thrift donation earlier than usual, Murphy answered that one never knows when they may depart this earth.

Furthermore, Murphy had asked that Adekola fetch some of the items he had worn for his birthday photograph during their talk, promising to arrange it later. Adekola had no idea that his late buddy was sending him a message.

Speaking in Yoruba, he said, “When he was alive, he always wanted us to do things together. We can’t question God, but I’m really touched. He was still young, and we started together. I shot his first movie, and he was the first person to discover my acting skills. We have done a lot together; we have fought and settled. I know everything about him. “We still spoke yesterday; we spoke around 9:30, and he fell around 10 a.m.”

“I was called immediately, and we drove him to the hospital, but he died before we got there. “He called me after his birthday and asked me to come and take some of the clothes he used for his birthday shoot. I told him not to worry, but I didn’t know he was passing a message to me.

“Yesterday, he sent money for a contribution we always have on Sundays. He sent it early, and I questioned his choice to send it early. His response was that we don’t know what will happen the next day or in the next minute. I didn’t know he was bidding me farewell.”

The actor died on Sunday, May 14, after collapsing in his restroom in Lagos. His funeral was held on Monday, May 16, in the evening.

May his soul rest in peace.

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