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Peter Obi Congratulates Nigeria on P&ID Case Victory in UK Court

Peter Obi Congratulates Nigeria on P&ID Case Victory in UK Court 

The presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP), Peter Obi, has expressed his appreciation for the United Kingdom’s commitment to the rule of law, applauding the decision to reverse the $11 billion awarded against Nigeria in the case filed by the Process and Industrial Developments Company (P&ID).

Peter Obi praised Nigeria’s legal team for their victory in the case against P&ID in the UK court. He highlighted the significance of the ruling, emphasizing the UK’s commitment to the rule of law. Obi expressed hope that this outcome serves as a valuable lesson for Nigerians and the judiciary.

Obi emphasized the importance of a robust justice system and the rule of law in a lawful and democratic society. He highlighted the judiciary’s crucial role in addressing identity crises, electoral disputes, and corruption cases in Nigeria. 

Despite the recent victory in overturning the $11 billion P&ID damages bill, Obi pointed out that significant amounts in corruption cases remain unaccounted for, with perpetrators roaming freely.

Obi urged Nigerian public office holders to prioritize patriotism and work together for the nation’s development. He emphasized the importance of providing justice to fellow citizens, highlighting that a just and fair New Nigeria is achievable if the judiciary embraces the spirit of change.

The Business and Property Court in London, led by Justice Robin Knowles of the Commercial Courts of England and Wales, overturned the $11 billion judgment against Nigeria in the P&ID case. Judge Knowles ruled that the award was fraudulent and against public policy.

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