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YouTube Begins Paying Creators using its Short form Video features
Youtube to Pay creators using short-form video features

YouTube Begins Paying Creators using its Short form Video features 

According to details, on Tuesday, YouTube set out to pay Influencers $100 million to those who use its new short-form video product.

The Youtube short which was launched in the U.S in March, allows creators to post videos for up to 1 minute with accompanying sounds and music.

In what seems like an attempt to compete with the social media app “TikTok”
TikTok has recorded tremendous growth and exploded in popularity over the past years.

Shorts functions similarly to TikTok and Instagram Reels, another TikTok competitor, letting users remix audio from video across YouTube.

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The Shorts fund is separate from YouTube’s Partner Program, which allows top creators to earn a portion of the revenue generated from ads that run before or during their videos.

The partnership program helps the creators to make money while entertaining their viewers.
The program is invitation-only for now, with no application process.

Each month, YouTube will reach out to several thousand creators whose Videos are generating high engagement and inform them of their earnings retroactively, the creators can earn up to $100 to $10,000 a month, That’s approximately 50k- 5m in a month.

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