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The issue of water can not be overemphasized as it is a major setback for people in Enugu, especially students, and Civil servants. Here are some funny, yet revealing water experience people in enugu have to share.

Lekwa, Lagos.

So I’m based in Lagos, Ikeja precisely, and of course where I lived in Lagos, I never had to worry about water, you know how it comes, fetching and all those things. But in Enugu, thinking about water makes me sad.

The pride and satisfaction Enugu water tank drivers get when you beg them for water is crazy, they throw away their church mind and raise the values to exorbitant prices.

The state water board too, e get as e be, in a whole week you might get water once, and the pressure the water comes with looks as if you’re begging.

I can remember a particular day I went to my pino pino’s place and I needed to take a shit, cause of the rush I flew into the toilet without getting water. When it was time to flush, I realised there was no water! 

Ahh! That was the most embarrassing day of my life, I had to ask my girl to help go get water from the well. I had the whole room smelling funny. Enugu 1 – Lekwa 0

Amy, Enugu

I stay on the last floor of a three-storey student lodge, and I worked a part-time job as a hairdresser, alongside my schooling in ESUT. 

I don’t even know where to start from as water has always been a huge problem. The fact that I wake up tired every morning and have to struggle for water before getting ready for class. Coupled with the fact that I have a very serious phobia for wells, but then, I don’t really have a choice.

I once had to do rub ‘n’ shine just so I could make it to class for an impromptu quiz in school. It was such a horrible experience cuz I was on my period. I hate everything about that day!  

Marchie, Abakaliki

So I usually have irregular period cycles, and then I went to my boy-friend’s to mekwe. Little did I know that this red gyal planned another appointment against my wish.

So we were having a foreplay and I was actually feeling slight cramps but I ignored it because I was enjoying myself at the time. Not until I started feeling something wet down there, and I knew it wasn’t the white one, but I still ignored it.  

Minutes before the yuh know, I started feeling  pressed, then I decided to just excuse myself, even if it was annoying.

When I got to the bathroom, I saw everything red!! I literally wanted to cry cause this girl just spoilt my cruise. Anyway, I decided to wash off and finally put on a pad, lo and behold, NO WATER!!!

Arinze, Enugu

My experience was such a horrible one. I needed to get ready for an interview I had, only to find out that there was no running water to buy.

I even tried getting a bag of sachet water to do the popular rub and shine, but, shops were not open yet. Apparently, shops also open late too

Well, long story short, I ended up using water from the well at the next building, which was brown and smelly. Despite using antiseptic liquid, e no still werk!… A horrible, horrible day that was.

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