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Top 10 Creatives To Look Out For In 2023
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Top 10 Creatives To Look Out For In 2023 

In 2022, we experienced a creative eruption of talents across different sectors, especially in South Eastern Nigeria. The combination of the Gen Zs’ vigor and Millennials’ interpretation of life kept brands and people glued to their screens.

Here are our top 10 Creators and Influencers that stole our hearts in 2022 and we anticipate seeing them in 2023.

  1. Zette X

When you talk about costume makeup artists in Enugu, the list isn’t complete without the powerhouse that is Zette.

Zette made a name for herself in 2022 as the creative artist who brings her work to life through face painting makeup, she took her over 6k audience on Instagram on a crazy and colorful journey with makeup art that reawakened our childhood to the ones that had our jaws on the floor.

We can’t wait to see what looks she’ll create in 2023.

  1. Jekkimm

Jekkimm aka Enjoyment minister is your go-to- guide if you’re ever looking for an excellent place to eat and relax in Enugu state, especially if you’re visiting Enugu for the first time.

She takes her over 7k audience on a journey of discovery to find good restaurants for everyone’s palate.

Jekkimm is always on the road looking for fun food spots to try out and we’re here for it.

  1. Exploring Enugu

Most people refer to Exploring Enugu as Enugu’s Dora the explorer.

She shares various new locations for holiday spots, eating, and fun activities in Enugu with her over 14k followers on Instagram.

Here’s to more adventures in 2023

  1. Life of Zizi

2022 has been amazing for the beauty, fashion; lifestyle influencer, and YouTuber, Zidatamara Tehila Obi aka Life of Zizi.

Zizi saw her Instagram audience grow to over 65k followers and likes averaging above 2k per post.  Her YouTube channel also has about 730 subscribers with each video garnering over 1k likes.

Apart from vlogs and story posts, the savvy creator, Zizi has worked with brands such as Zerobycarbon, Auraperf, and  Glowsbyniffy amongst others.

  1. Fantah. h 

Don’t know how to pair your scarves and pieces of denim? Then, you are yet to come across styling hacks from Fantah.

The creator who goes by her social name, ‘Fantah’ is an advocate for impeccable fashion looks. She doesn’t hesitate to share style guides with over 7k followers on her Instagram.

The enthusiastic fashion creator isn’t just a freelancer, she has also signed her first ambassadorial deal with “The Village Bistro” to conclude 2022 with a bang.

Oh! Want to learn more about Fantah’s amazing fashion tips? Head over to her YouTube channel where she has over 1.1k subscribers. Enjoy!

  1. Ilorah Ella

Illorah Ella is fast becoming one of our charming faces on the recent sitcom series on Blueprintafrictv; *”Me, My Money and I.”*  You might have also caught Ella on one or two episodes of Blueprintafrictv’s “Enugu Living” too.

The influencer, content creator, and YouTuber isn’t just dedicated to “showcasing Enugu and its environs,”, she loves the city.

Ella just knows how to bring the vibe to every event she attends, especially the most popular event that was held the previous year in Enugu. Some of the events include the Abacha festival, South East food & fashion, and the Enugu block party—they’re numerous!

Well, Ella shows the goodness of Enugu through her vlogging. 

In 2022, she worked with a handful of brands such as the Dukasino Naturals, and the Muse hotels & suites amongst others.

  1. Naomi Anyaegbu 

The electrifying fashion and beauty content creator, Naomi Anyaegbu has been setting the pace in the creative fashion community in 2022, especially in the South East. 

Naomi gives her followers the perfect cheat codes to nail outfits for any event, whether it be a date night or a girls’ hangout. Naomi got you and not just that, Naomi ensures that she covers the makeup aspect of this beauty thang and she even teaches you how to draw your eyebrows and pose for the camera.

Yes, she’s that detailed. 

In 2022, she breached the gap between brands and their audience by creating personal fashion looks for brands like Zeke wears and skincare routines for the Korean  Miniso outlet in Nigeria.

Naomi has proven that she has what it takes to keep over 31k followers glued to her Instagram channel in 2022, and she’s not stepping on the brakes anytime soon. Go on girl!

  1. Toby Nelson 

The fashion influencer and  Creative Designer for the ready-to-wear brand; TN, who is known as Toby Nelson, continues to top our list of the most ‘creative’ creators in 2022.

Toby Nelson rides the wave of the best “mobile videographers” through the creative shots he published on his Instagram in 2022. You can trust him to capture your event, especially if you hope to be the main character. 

 Moreso, the fashion stylist had a swell time working with brands such as Xend Finance, Mokete, Tropics by Hotel Sunshine, The Bodmen, and New Age amongst others.

Nelson, when he’s not working, styling, or creating magic, he’s either writing or reading.

  1. Jeff Chinonso

Jeff Chinonso is a visual storyteller with an exceptional eye for art. He has mastered how to turn stories into fine art. 

In 2022, he shared his love for combining Fine arts and photography by hosting an art exhibition for art enthusiasts and the creative community. 

When he’s not behind the lens, he is creating comfy yet stylish outfits through his clothing line, “Head To Toe” which features some of his artwork. 

We can’t wait to see for what he has up his sleeve in 2023. 

  1. Boke Hub

The documentary filmmaker, photographer, and drone pilot,  Boke Hub, likes to refer to himself as a “Digital Nomad.”. 

He captured panorama views of places in Nigeria like we’ve never seen before, through a project partnership with The Flagboii called “1FlagWorld”. The Digital Nomad took us on a journey through the landscape of Kenya. 

He runs a documentary and travel lifestyle youtube channel called “Franklin Okanu”  videos from all his voyages are lodged. 

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