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Sheggz Reacts To Being Abusive With Bella
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Sheggz Reacts To Being Abusive With Bella 

The reality star hinted at going to therapy, likely in response to the outpouring of anger from viewers.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

Sheggz, a recently-evicted Level Up housemate, is speaking out about his interactions with Bella when he was in the house.

Sheggz said that the criticism was caused by people misunderstanding his “GenZ-inspired” communication style in a clip that is now doing the rounds from the reality show’s Elozonam-hosted Showmax vodcast.

“I think perspective is an amazing thing. I feel like people felt like it was cool to label me. First and foremost, when I am speaking to my boys in the 2022 era, GenZ, Millennial, however you want to put it, I feel like at times you would be like “Guy you are no serious, you are sick…” For me that’s how we speak,” said Sheggz in his response to a query about calling Bella.

Watch the clip:

Sheggz said that a rumor that he had abused his ex-girlfriend had contributed to the perception that he was acting in a “toxic” manner. Since then, the roommate has denied the allegations.

Remember how Sheggz drew criticism for regularly calling Bella, a fellow housemate, names, particularly during arguments?

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