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Portable Responds To The Assault Allegations Against Him And His Sister
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Portable Responds To The Assault Allegations Against Him And His Sister 

Street star Portable has made the decision to train in boxing after having a bad experience with some buddies who are accused of beating him and his sister.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

The self-described wahala singer may be seen shirtless in his hood and wearing boxing gloves in a video that is becoming viral online.

He alleged in a series of videos he posted on his Instagram account a few days ago that his pals had attacked him and his sister.

As they were both hustlers in the same area, he claims he has been good friends with the majority of them. He claimed to have picked some of them up off the streets, but he received evil in return. In a video posted online, the singer displayed the physical injuries brought on by the assault by the person he had purchased a motorcycle for.

He made it clear that he had traveled from the Gambia to support his sister, with whom the lads had first experienced conflict. Moreover, he disclosed that the same boys, whom he had on occasion assisted, attacked him when he intervened in their argument with his sister.

The sister was transported to the hospital as a result of the brutal thrashing she endured, according to the “Zazu” master.

In addition, he posted a video about the claimed assault that featured some of his head, neck, and arm bruises. He also vowed to sue his assailants.

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