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Onyekachi Onugha: The Photographer with Vintage Craze
Prolific Protographer who through vintage shots, tells his story.
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Onyekachi Onugha: The Photographer with Vintage Craze 

Photographers in Nigeria are often faced with a lot of ups and downs that deter them from pushing their dreams, but with the few that persists, we believe it is only right to tell their stories. 

Meet Onyekachi  Onugha

The 22 year old creator is humble, disciplined, and has a very funny personality. He hails from Abia state, and schools in the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. Onyekachi’s interests include reading, swimming, hiking, binge-watching movies, and music. 

He also expressed his interest in Cinematography, Animation, Literature and Poetry, asides Photography, which he has built a brand around (Kachi Onugha Media), in the past 3 years.

When asked how he started his brand, he recounted his first experience with a camera in church(Winners Chapel), where he was part of the technical unit. His interest in photography started in his first year in university after reading a Bored Panda Magazine, which is a leading magazine for photography, art and design.

While on the journey, he began to take pictures with his phone and then was mentored by a friend who taught him commercial film making, wedding, and event capturing. 


On his own Kachi discovered YouTubers like Peter McKinnon, Daniel Shiffer, Justin Odisho, and Cinecom. He learned from them, and also connected with other creatives in the UNN campus like Ananti Ezugo, Elvis Agada, Thatboycozy, IfechiWorks etc.

About his traits Kachi smiled and told us he was a very principled and observant young creative, that is driven and achieves whatever he sets his mind to, which is a very rare trait.

He also noted that there wasn’t a specific reason why he chose photography and cinematography. According to him, he just found out that he loved doing it and that it always kept him at peace. He also said that his purpose on earth is to provide solutions with his craft, through mentorship and practice.

Kachi concluded by sharing that the highlight of what he does is experiencing the satisfaction of his clients, seeing them happy and content, and also receiving alerts (winks).

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