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<strong>Odumodublvck Survives Mouth Surgery After 16 Stitches</strong>
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Odumodublvck Survives Mouth Surgery After 16 Stitches 

Odumodublvck, a popular singer, almost died after surgery, but God intervened.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

Tochukwu Ojogwu, also known as Odumodublvck, a Nigerian rapper, has detailed his difficulties during his recent mouth surgery.

The rapper said on Joeboy’s Body & Soul podcast that he got the operation after releasing his smash song, Declan Rice.

The musician highlighted the seriousness of his condition during the podcast conversation, adding that he had a near-death experience during the operation but attributed his life to divine intervention.

He said, “You can hear the way I’m talking? It’s not because of these [teeth] grills, it’s because I did one operation (surgery). Ask my guys, I almost died but God kept me here right now. And the fact that God saved me, everything that was happening after that was not surprising.”

The rapper also discussed the difficulties he had throughout his rehabilitation, such as having to eat cold baby food for two weeks and losing weight.

He also said that he had sixteen stitches in his mouth after treatment.

Notably, the rapper was released from the hospital on the same day Wizkid, the famed Afrobeats musician, revealed his work on social media.

Retelling his memorable encounter with Wizkid, Odumodublvck explained, “I woke up in the morning, I saw a message at 7 am, I saw Machala…And I checked my Instagram, everybody was sending me that Wizkid posted ‘Picanto.’ I’m like, that was like the first thing that God used to tell me that, yo, I’m with you, everything that is going to be happening from here onwards, it’s going to be more than what eyes have seen, ears haven’t heard.”

Wizkid’s support and the message it sent delighted the 29-year-old artist.

He stressed that such moments of acknowledgment pushed him more since he had anticipated his future achievement.

You can listen to the whole episode here:

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