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Nigeria Ranked 118th Among The World’s Happiest Countries
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Nigeria Ranked 118th Among The World’s Happiest Countries 

Nigeria ranked 118th in the 2022 report, a considerable drop from 116th in 2021.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

Nigeria has been classified as the 118th happiest country in the world, down two places from last year, suggesting a decline in the country’s perception on key parameters.

Nigeria is ranked 14th out of 14 African countries, with Libya atop the list at South Africa ( 91), Gambia (93), Algeria (96), Liberia (97), Congo ( 99), Morocco (100), Mozambique (101), and Cameroon (102) are among the countries on the list.

Senegal (103 ), Niger (104 ), Gabon (106 ), Guinea (109 ), Ghana (111 ), Burkina Faso (113), Benin (115), Comoros (116), and Uganda (117) are the other countries ahead of Nigeria.

Finland was named the happiest country in the world in the United Nations-sponsored 2022 World Happiness Report, ahead of Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland, and the Netherlands.

Afghanistan was once again classified as the unhappiest country in the world, closely followed by Lebanon.

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