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Khafi Faces A Misconduct Hearing In The U.K For BBNaija
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Khafi Faces A Misconduct Hearing In The U.K For BBNaija 

Khafi spent 77 days in the BBNaija home before being evicted

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

Khafilat Kareem, nicknamed Khafi, a Big Brother Naija reality TV personality, is facing a misconduct hearing as a result of her presence on the show in 2019.

According to the BBC, Khafi contacted one of the Met’s most senior officers hours before coming on the show, pleading with him to overturn an order prohibiting her from doing so.

Despite the fact that she had been advised not to attend the event, the mother of one went ahead and participated on the Nigerian reality show.

She was claimed to have argued that the show would help “promote the Met Police” throughout the world.

Khafi spent 77 days in the BBNaija home before being evicted, where she met her husband, Gedoni Ekpata.

Before attending the exhibition in 2019, Khafi requested an unpaid leave to participate in the performance, according to our source.

The leave was apparently granted, but the Met Police stated Khafi was not authorised to participate in the event during a hearing at the Empress Building in London on Monday.

Anne Studd QC, speaking on behalf of the Met Police, said the UK episodes of the Big Brother show had generated concerns, and that Khafi had indicated the UK version of the show was different from the one organised in Nigeria.

The reality TV actress is also claimed to have refuted claims that she neglected to register a commercial interest in the show’s advertising and promotion.

According to the BBC, line management believed it was neither in the officer’s or the force’s best interests.

Despite the fact that she was given leave, she was warned not to participate in any further auditions, interviews, or shows, according to the hearing.

Khafi reportedly texted and then contacted Deputy Assistant Commissioner Matt Twist on June 30 to inform him that she had travelled to Lagos to participate in the performance.

According to the BBC, Mr Twist expressed his main concerns about Khafi’s mental health, the Met’s public image, and her behaviour inside the home.

Khafi allegedly consulted a psychologist following the performance as a result of the “negative” media coverage and attention, according to the tribunal.

She was also offered to appear on Good Morning Britain, according to the tribunal, but she was informed she couldn’t do any unofficial media interviews.

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