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Essential clothing items and accessories every man should have

Essential clothing items and accessories every man should have 

There are must-have casual clothing items and accessories for every man.

As a man, there are some essentials you need in your closet for those times the occasion is neither formal nor informal.

We don’t want you just wearing slippers, jeans and shirt, looking like the driver and not the person who is being driven.

It might be Nike, Adidas or Converse but the fact is an all-white sneakers makes your outfit look incredibly classy and refined. An added advantage is that it is easy to style because it goes with almost every colour.

A bomber jacket adds a compelling counterbalance to an ordinary round neck shirt.Top man Bomber Jacket

A plaid shirt can be worn as a jacket and buttoned up. It should be a classic in every man’s wardrobe.

Plaid shirts are a classic

A plain white tee is the male version of a female’s camisole. It would come in handy with the other essential items I would mention earlier

A gold chain is an important accessory

Every man needs a statement gold chain. it aids spice and everything nice to an outfit.

Don’t wear boring colours all the time. Buy that yellow, red, green, pink shirt.Try bright colors

Nothing says I am having a relaxed weekend like a two piece short and shirt. Let those legs breathe!two piece short and shirt

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