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Fashion Highlights For The Weekend

Fashion Highlights For The Weekend 

The top 10 hottest outfits of the weekend

By Queenette

Fashion is all about expressing your identity, showing someone who you are through your fashion choices, using your attire to characterize yourself. Even people who claim not to care about what they wear choose clothes every morning that say a lot about them and how they feel that day.

Fashion adds meaning to life. It is an important part that can’t be neglected. It hides our physical flaws so it’s crucial you make the most out of it, look your best. How we dress shows how we want people to perceive us and how we also see ourselves. Your dressing sense reflects your personality, character, mood, style, and what you are as an individual. People wearing gaudy clothes with loud make-up are generally extroverts and love partying. You really can make out what sort of person an individual is by his/her dressing.

The weekend comprises many social activities ranting from owambe, weddings (where the asoebi comes in), red carpet events, weekend hangouts with friends, but to mention a few. In these social activities, everyone in attendance aims to make a statement with whatever he/she is putting on, some kill the show while some just stay average. We’ll now move over to analyze each outfit that made the top ten cut mostly from “owanbes” and “aso ebi” designs starting from the best to the last best.

  1. This heavily sequined beauty that has been properly matched with the best place to fit. The head tie wasn’t left out too as it got its bit of “shiny”. This piece is indeed a statement, a well-detailed statement – it doesn’t need heavy accessories to accompany it. It’s enough accessory on its own. A piece well befitting for a goddess of beauty, it drives with it so much confidence.

2. This is a sassy and chicky outfit, well-adorned attire with a little touch of thick organza for perfect finishing. The little creativity with the sleeve is commendable. If you love showing off some flesh, this dress is meant for you, no doubts. Dare to be bold!

3. She’s a goddess no disputing that fact because this here is not for the faint-hearted. If you’re that type of person who loves going a bit above extra, you better be rocking this style for the next wedding you attend. This yellow sequined lace spells out ELEGANCE in capital letters. I don’t think this attire needs further adornment with pieces of jewelry and whatnots, it’s just about enough on its own. The order the yellow falls in from the shoulders to the hip area down to her feet is a “BEAUTY”

4.Purple and black, just the perfect combination. No much ceremony here, just a little bit of lace here and a little bit of satin there. The creativity with the matte black satin on the sleeve is amazing, it was also neatly lined with the lace for a shiny effect. Awesome combo. The v-shaped corseting method is a style on its own, worth emulating indeed. Do you want it simple yet stylish? This is you!

5. The corset style isn’t just for long dresses and laces, Ankara materials also nail it. This looks awesome, the color combo and little touches of lacy flowery designs. This corset style speaks for itself, it needs no introduction. The mirror face red satin material gave it a whole new look. This is your go-to if you love keeping it just simple.

6. This is just “simple and short”, literally. Orange and black make a good duo. This dress is “IT” and if you have the “killa” shape which makes it even more classy and sassy you’re set to sail. The added detail with the light organza to create steps is quite attractive.

7. There’s just something exceptional about this color and style. Though it’s not heavily beaded or with too many details, this outfit ranking no.7 screams CLASS. ROYALTY. Flowing dresses give this stunning and attractive fit to people who do justice to it. I guess reigning corset-style makes everything look HOT.

8. Black is bold. Black is beautiful. This is the definition of EXQUISITE. There wasn’t much work put in this dress, but it’s a bombshell. Cord laces do proper justice to these owambe outfits, the flowery pattern of the lace is adorable. I bet she turned heads when she got to the party because this dress is FIRE.

9. Red is hot and so is she. This sequined corset lace gown is quite pretty. “The lady in red” is dressed to kill for sure. That beaded corset style matches perfectly with the sequined material. It’s all shiny here though, and the draping cape gives this dress some kind of attitude. She rocked it perfectly and she looks stunning.

10. This is something velvety and unique. The combination of all shades of brown is lovely, quite stylish. The lace combined with the velvet is Laudable. The flowery detail from the lace down to the velvet itself did a lot of garnishing on this attire. The sleeve style is worth noticing and trying out. If you would love something that still says chic and elegant without showing flesh, this is your go-to.

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  1. Favour Chukwudi

    I enjoyed the well detailed explanation
    It’s so explicit😍

  2. Okereke Rosemary

    All these styles make statements beyond ordinary…no doubt they emerged the weekend top 10. Keep it up Queenette…I’m looking forward to reading more articles from you on diverse topics…I’m sure going to copy one of these styles for my next owambe

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