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Davido Clears Air On The Generosity Of Fans During An CNN Interview
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Davido Clears Air On The Generosity Of Fans During An CNN Interview 

Davido gave all of the funds to orphans around the country.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

Davido, a Nigerian musician, has clarified how he came up with the money he earned via a tweet on the night of his birthday.

During an interview with CNN’s Zain Asher, the singer revealed this.

Asher had initiated the discussion by asking if the musician might ask his followers to give money on his birthday.

Davido was quick to clarify how he came up with the massive sum of money.

Davido collected N200 million in less than 72 hours after sharing his bank account information on social media.

“Naaaaa, I didn’t ask my friends to donate, I asked my friends. it was like a joke. I was like if I ever made you go music, send me a million naira which is about $2200,” he said.

“So my friends started sending me money, after a while, I started seeing crazy amount of money in my account. I started seeing regular people, fans they started sending me money.”

He then gave the full sum to orphans all around the country.

Watch Interview:

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