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Cristiano Ronaldo Is The 1st Person To Gain 500 Million Instagram Followers
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Cristiano Ronaldo Is The 1st Person To Gain 500 Million Instagram Followers 

The football player provoked uproar on the internet when a photo of him and his rival Messi appeared online.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

Cristiano Ronaldo, a striker for Manchester United and Portugal, set a new record by becoming the first person to have 500 million Instagram followers.

As a consequence, he presently has the most following among social media users. The well-known football player’s recent trend-following may be considered as having a direct impact on this.

Ronaldo became a social media sensation last week as a result of his appearance in a surprise interview with Piers Morgan, during which he insulted the owners of Manchester United, manager Erik ten Hag, and club star Wayne Rooney.

In addition, a picture of him and his teammate Lionel Messi surfaced online lately, which caused him to become popular. With over 36 million total likes, the image for a Louis Vuitton campaign quickly rose to the top of the most loved photographs on all social media platforms.

When behind-the-scenes video revealed that the picture had been doctored and the two sportsmen had never truly been together, it broke the hearts of a lot of people.

In the now-deleted video that Louis Vuitton posted, the footballers took the pictures separately.

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