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Broda Shaggi Says He Makes Over 20 Million From Making Skits
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Broda Shaggi Says He Makes Over 20 Million From Making Skits 

Broda Shaggi is a well-known Nigerian content creator.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

Samuel Animashaun Perry, popularly known as Broda Shaggi, a popular Nigerian comedian, has disclosed how much money he makes in a month from making material.

The surprising figure was disclosed by the Instagram comic during a talk with Ehiz on his Dada Boy program, where he stated that he earned around N20 million ($40K) every month from skits.

Shaggi reacted by indicating that he makes more than 20,000,000 ($40K) every month but less than 40,000,000 ($80K).

Shaggi, who has over 11 million Instagram followers and 1.7 million YouTube subscribers, stated that he was able to attain this amount due to his consistency with his work.

“I try my best. It’s numbers for you to make money. As a skit maker, it’s numbers and you have to be consistent. Consistency is very very very key,” he said.

Shaggi added, “You have to be consistent always because then, you’ll have more content. And more content means more money. That’s if you’re on YouTube and you grow your platform well. And asides from YouTube, there are brands that want to penetrate into your brand as well to work with you. And all they look for is numbers. You know, like how many views, who’s watching, what’s the comment like, what’s the reach; you know. That’s where the money comes in.”

According to the comedian, when marketers choose influencers to work with—and here is where the money is—they often examine high numbers, views, comments, and reach.

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