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Blaqbonez Says There Is No True Love In Lagos
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Blaqbonez Says There Is No True Love In Lagos 

The rapper claims that he never witnessed real love in Lagos.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

A Nigerian hip-hop musician, Emeka Akumefule, also known as Blaqbonez, has brazenly asserted that genuine love does not exist in Lagos.

The rapper addressed his thoughts in an interview with prominent podcaster Fay Fay, stressing his experiences in other Nigerian states.

Blaqbonez claims to have met true love in states like Nasarawa, Adamawa, and Akwa Ibom.

However, he firmly stated that he had never witnessed true love in Lagos. In his words, “I have seen true love in other states. You know, like Nasarawa, Adamawa… I think I have seen a little bit in Akwa Ibom, but I have never witnessed it in Lagos.”

In another case, Commander Singer made waves when he expressed his unique view on marriage during an interview on the Nancy Isime Show.

Blaqbonez said he would accept a marriage arrangement in which he and his wife would have separate rooms.

“I will marry, but I will be in like a different kind of marriage. It’s a different type… First, in marriage, I don’t want to be in the same room with my wife,” he explained.

When asked why, the artist emphasized his aesthetic and personal space preferences. He also alluded to his polygamous nature, implying that having separate rooms would enable him to pursue his hobbies discreetly.

Watch the Full Interview:

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