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Teni Drops Teaser For New Single

Teni Drops Teaser For New Single 

Teni, the Afrobeats phenomenon, has teased a new tune on social media.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

Teni has become a household name in Afrobeats after breaking into the public with her breakthrough track ‘Askamaya’ in 2018. Her music has earned her millions of followers and several honors.

Teni reappeared in 2023 with a new track called ‘No Days Off,’ a combination of Jersey music and Afrobeats after a relatively quiet 2022. Teni’s capacity to push the limits of her abilities was highlighted in the song.

The award-winning artist has previewed her second track for 2023 on her social media sites.

Teni was packing her hair in the video while singing along to a song that appeared to be another Jersey/Amapiano mashup.

Teni, who has lately returned to social media, has been quite outspoken about her new sound, which she claims is superior to other artists. Teni remarked in an Instagram live video that all other musicians sound the same and that she is the only one who stands apart.

In a tweet, she also invited her supporters to receive the message about her rebranding and accompany her on a new creative adventure since the Teni they knew was no longer there.

Teni’s new song is yet to be released, but fans will be thrilled to hear the next record in Teni’s continuous aesthetic rebranding.

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