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Shiroro LGA Chairman Says, Boko Haram Controls 500 Communities In Niger.

Shiroro LGA Chairman Says, Boko Haram Controls 500 Communities In Niger. 

Members of Boko Haram are hostile to the government and have asked locals to join them in their efforts.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

Boko Haram and other rebel groups have taken control of approximately 500 villages in eight wards of Shiroro Local Government Area in Niger State.

Governor Abubakar Bello warned earlier this year that Boko Haram had raised their flag in several Shiroro LGA villages.

This comes as Suleiman Chukumba, the chairman of Shiroro council, has cried out for aid, claiming that Boko Haram now controls most of the towns and accused the organisation of attempting to arm civilians to fight the government.

“As the chairman of Shiroro LGA, I can tell you that Shiroro is not only coping with the issue of banditry, but it also has a lot of Boko Haram,” Chukumba told media in Minna about the situation in Shiroro LGA. As chairman, I have confirmation of this.”

“They have told the people that they do not want primary or secondary schools in the communities and that they only want to see Islamic schools,” he said, adding that Boko Haram has declared that they do not want conventional primary and secondary schools and that their only preference is for Islamic schools.

“They have been trying to incorporate and recruit residents of the communities to become their members, telling them that they will give the recruits arms and assist them in fighting the government,” Chukumba stated.

He expressed concern that Boko Haram militants’ teaching is anti-government, and that they have been soliciting locals to join them in their activities.

“Boko Haram terrorists and banditry have spread throughout the wards. In the eight wards, 500 communities are affected.

“Manta, Gurmana, Bassa-Kokki, Allawa, Kurebe, Kushaka, Kwati, Chukumba, and Galadima Kogo are among the wards,” he said.

Chukumba urged the Federal Government to send in additional security officers to assist the state in disbanding and displacing the Boko Haram bandits who had taken up residence in Shiroro LGA.

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