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Reps Push To Fix Nigeria’s Epileptic Power Supply

Reps Push To Fix Nigeria’s Epileptic Power Supply 

Our industrial progress, and hence our economic growth, is slowed by a lack of appropriate electricity supplies.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

The House of Representatives has moved to address Nigeria’s epileptic power supply in light of mounting complaints over inadequate electrical delivery.

Hon. Mohammed Tahir Monguno, the House Chief Whip, proposed the motion, which was supported by Hon. John Chike Okafor.

Monguno stated in his presentation that the economy’s growth is dependent on an appropriate supply of power. He also advocated for the diversification of electricity sources.

He said, “electricity, power, is key to the socio economic development of any country. Lack of adequate power supply retracts our industrial growth, and thereby also retracting our economic growth.

It brings about job losses because when industries do not operate up to maximum capacity, there is no way they will retain their work force.

There is need for us to upgrade our power supply and make it adequate by diversifying our power sources to solar and coal.”

Meanwhile, the Federal Government said that it has begun an inquiry into the reasons of the National Grid’s most recent failure on April 9, 2022.

Remember that in March, the national grid failed twice, resulting in a nationwide blackout.

The first outage occurred on March 14, 2022, and lasted around three hours until electricity was restored.

The grid went down again a few hours later, and it took the authorities two days to restore service.

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