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Reps Prevent Bill Allowing Nigerians To Sue The Government For Failure

Reps Prevent Bill Allowing Nigerians To Sue The Government For Failure 

They said that approving the amendment bill will result in a slew of issues.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

The House of Representatives has rejected an amendment measure that would have allowed Nigerians to sue the government for failing to deliver basic services.

After its sponsor, Sergius Ogun, led debates on the bill during plenary on Wednesday, November 24, 2021, it was barred from being passed for a second reading.

The bill attempted to amend Section 6 of the constitution to empower Nigerians to file lawsuits against the government for failing to provide basic requirements to residents.

“What this bill is basically saying is that it should be amended so that people can take the government up when they fail to deliver on some of these basic objectives to the society,” the lawmaker said.

In his remarks, Muhammed Monguno stated that he agreed with the bill’s principle but opposed its implementation.

The lawmaker warned that approving the bill will cause turmoil since the government cannot be expected to cater for all residents at all times.

“If this bill is passed, it’s an invitation to chaos and anarchy. There’s no state that will guarantee, to the extent of allowing it to be justiciable, putting food on every citizen’s table, or providing health care to each and every citizen to the extent that any act of failure or neglect on the part of the government will make the government liable,” he said.

Herman Hembe, another House member, added that socialism has never worked anywhere in the globe, instead causing countries to fail.

Despite his support for a humanitarian government, the member said that enacting the amendment bill would result in a slew of difficulties and the system’s collapse.

“The only thing that works is a system where people work and earn their keep,” he said.

When Deputy Speaker Idris Wase submitted the bill to a voice vote, a majority of lawmakers voted against it being passed for a second reading.

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