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El-Rufai Recommends Possible Replacement for Ministerial Position

El-Rufai Recommends Possible Replacement for Ministerial Position 

Nasir El-Rufai the former Kaduna State governor, has signalled a replacement for his ministerial nominee position, in President Bola Tinubu’s government.

He cited his commitment to a doctorate programme at a university in The Netherlands as a primary reason for his withdrawal from the cabinet candidature.

During a meeting with President Tinubu on Tuesday, August 8, 2023, El-Rufai expressed his intention to no longer pursue a ministerial position, stressing that he wanted to contribute to Nigeria’s progress as a private person.

El-Rufai used the occasion to recommend Jafaru Ibrahim Sani as a viable alternative for the Kaduna State ministerial position. Sani, who worked as a commissioner in multiple ministries in Kaduna State during El-Rufai’s stint as governor, has been recommended by the former governor as a competent candidate.

It is worth noting that El-Rufai’s ministerial confirmation had been hampered, with the Senate withholding his confirmation, as well as that of two other nominees, based on State Security Service (SSS) security reports. Sani Danladi, a former Taraba senator, and Stella Okotete of Delta State were the other nominees.

During the meeting with President Tinubu, El-Rufai acknowledged his awareness of the Senate’s decision and expressed his intention to discuss the matter with the president.

President Tinubu, on his part, informed El-Rufai that he had received petitions critical of the former governor’s ministerial nomination. He requested a 24-hour window to review these petitions, as well as the SSS report submitted to the Senate, before making a final decision.

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