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Obasanjo Says Nigerians Should Begin Thinking About Life After Buhari

Obasanjo Says Nigerians Should Begin Thinking About Life After Buhari 

Buhari, according to the ex-President, has hit his limit in terms of performance.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo is perplexed as to why Nigerians demand more from a 78-year-old President Muhammadu Buhari, comparing the situation to “kicking a dead horse.”

Obasanjo was reported by Punch newspaper as stating so when leaders of socio-cultural organizations descended on Abuja for a retreat on inclusive security:

“The truth is this: President Buhari has done his best; that is what he can do, if you expect anything than what he is doing, you are kicking a dead horse and there is no need.

“We must not fold our hands…How do we prepare for post-Buhari era? Buhari has done his best.

“My prayer is that God will spare his life to see his term through but what do we have after Buhari? What should we do to make post-Buhari era better than what we have now? That is our responsibility. It concerns all of us.”

President Buhari’s harshest public detractors, Obasanjo has never missed an occasion to criticize the president in public forums or in open letters.

From February 1976 until September 1979, Obasanjo, 84, served as the military Head of State of Nigeria. He was the first civilian president of the country, serving from 1999 until 2007.

From December 1983 until August 1985, Buhari served as the military head of state of Nigeria. He was elected civilian president in 1999, and his two-terms of eight years in office are slated to expire in the spring of 2023, as allowed by the law.

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